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New breakthrough blows to bits. Martial arts in the world. In fact it was the third verse of the hymn that richard wrote first:. Let me introduce you to something that is going to rock your. And it is simply called. And where has he been for the last. In fact, for the last two years, we've simply. The world of self - protection and street fighting. Now, let me you tell you something very important here.

Rich mooney 8th degree kung fu. If you’re based in the usa, call us toll-free, 24 hours a day on. He has pushed the boundaries and created an opportunity for you to learn at a rate never thought possible. But over the last couple of years. Will go down like a sack of potatoes. He is a senior coach.

Soon enough - we found out why. In fact, the results (for. Hitting whichever button you prefer). A word of warning here, though. You see, russell has also made sure that he's made sure this. The ‘jellyfish’ maneuver…just be careful with this one since you don’t want to ‘over-hit’ your training partner and possibly really hurt them.

1% of all men roaming the. Doesn't know how to hit. Don’t get me wrong here. Time is finished, and everything is ready for you right now as an excellent nap. That’s, what, just the price of a few weeks of lessons down the local ‘club’ - where you‘ll learn nothing like the quality of the information you‘ll get here.

And that's why this gaia system is so extraordinary – because. See, i’m sure that russell is going to ‘come to his senses’ pretty damn soon about this low, low price. Medicine, coupled with a waveform elbow to virtually. Silverback gorilla that other men fear, and frankly step off the pavement for. And that's very good news, i'm sure you'll agree. I don't think it's an. Comfy armchair – so you can start using this breakthrough information by this. The new zealand writer richard gillard here unpacks the implications of being servants for each other, companions on the journey. "russell makes placement points so easy to. Be careful using it - you might not want to train it again after discovering it.

Most brutal parts from each. If you get the chance to go on one of russell’s seminars then i can thoroughly recommend it. Then only do so with the required force to get. You see, i want you to realise that these are all simple moves - even though they exert unheard of power over your attackers. And then adding 'stutely' on top. Champion, so believe me i know. You already know of russell from his award-winning training. There was a lot more to it then this and this is just a very brief overview.

 everybody trained hard, supported and helped each other and the whole event was really enjoyable.  however, wiggling it varies the pressure and you can never adapt to it. They've made a very big mistake by crossing you. 1) that, when ‘practicing’ these moves on a training partner (if you want to practice on someone - you don’t need to, you can simply practice on your own), that you. Even three in the morning if it suits you). In short, russell effectively 'sucked up' only the very best,.

Workbook, we also have created three further add-ons. Anyone can use them - no matter what kind of shape you’re in, how fit you are, or how experienced or inexperienced you are right now. Why i’m writing to you today…. You're using russell's methods and 'keen eye' to draw out only the best and most. Kali is very strong in certain areas, weak in others. A frankly horrific ‘eye gouging’ which when coupled with. These would end the career of whoever was trying to use them on you. And more…including ‘magical moves’ to use when you’re in ‘hopeless’ situations which look inescapable…points to strike which exert an almost magical influence and power over your attackers (and they‘re simple too - so anyone can use them)…and plenty more.

In fact, the price for this. Watch russell demonstrate this move, and his partner ‘writhe’ in agony as he shows you how simple it can be. You see, russell is convinced that you need to see this stuff…to see that it’s really possible, to see for yourself how this may change the way you train forever. Just think: even a martial arts master is only as good as. Any kind of weapon – knife, stick, or gun. What is important is the gift, at all times, not only of supporting others (“i will hold my hand out to you”, v. Can you see how powerful this is, how breakthrough, how. In full and glorious detail. The most brutal and frankly nasty parts from each…and only then adds even more.

Electronic download version now available - download. I’m writing to you today to give you ‘first chance’ at.  the rest of the students on the course were mainly quite high grades from a variety of styles, but there was absolutely no egos at all. They have made a very huge mistake. Founder and chief instructor of. Kind of like overlaying a gorgeous sponge cake with the. All the 'knowledge' and experience that has been bottled. That’s practically an instant knockout. Russell started out by outlining what he's been up to…and.

Order today, and inject some ‘magic’ into your own life with what russell wants to share with you here today. Just return the dvds to us, and we’ll issue you with a complete and full refund of your purchase price. “players to the game” that you need to get sorted first before you even think about pressure points. There's nothing complicated at all about his new gaia. 2) is not just about walking towards a point of worship and meditation; it is an opportunity for companionship. 'connectedness' could have pulled off such a staggering,. No-one really knows what the best art really is for the. And brutal ever fighting technology and system. And commonwealth champion at light middle, middle and super middleweight. If, like us, you realise that, then i'd urge you to check out.

This is truly mind-blowing, truly a breakthrough that, as i. I'm inviting you today to grab your own front-row seat, and. Yours today as part of this package. Arts world to be set alight. It's much bigger and more. It is not cheap, and i am not shy about telling you that right. Question: how many people spend that over a period of years learning an. It has already boosted my aikido skills to a whole new level, and i am introducing it into my aikido coaching with great results. Best-of-the-best martial arts and self-protection system that the world has ever.

Russell Stutely Training

Even realises what’s happened, he’ll be on the floor and crying. Order today, right now, to lock in this low price. And you can do it all from the comfort of your home, from your. I hope so, because you too can have this knowledge, this. First up…russell had been working with a kali master. See, we wanted you, our customer, to simply. You do not want to go too ‘hard’ with these moves on your training partner. It is interesting to understand the holding of a “christ-light” (the example, love and companionship of jesus held, as it were, like a candle) as a starting point for pilgrimage and servanthood. Russell has left no stone unturned in. Introducing the arts that he has been working with (and on) to bring you this.

See for yourself how much of a difference this is going to make in your own. Two conditions of ordering, you must agree to the following:. This is the next best thing to my higher-priced training dvds - in fact, in some ways. Ensure that everything he teaches is. Gaia fighting technology from the 'main man', russell. How to use the proven-powerful thai low kick when. The legendary ‘fruit-machine’ magical move… a move which is almost impossible to escape and which have any attacker dropping to his knees.

Searching for another 'art' is practically an obsolete, vain task – russell has. Brutal, most effective) martial arts. That’s plenty of time, i think, for you to convince yourself. Has sought the answer, but no one has really found the answer. They’re too powerful to ‘mess’ around with. Eyeball literally rolling around the floor. You won’t need many ‘chain punches’ to completely finish. Handy reference dvd (which i'm sure you'll refer to often) to 'get' the best,. Consterdine, author and 7th dan karate.  i will be continuing my own training with him when i can (probably next year now due to other commitments).

You see, russell has been 'about a bit'. I have some very interesting 'news'…of a. A simple eye rake based on wing chun technology, followed. Your bonus 'secrets to power generation' dvd. Add russell's power point and pressure point knowledge and.

Russell’s neck pressure point ‘clusters’. I’m not talking about learning how to do a karate chop, or ‘side-kick’ here. It doesn't matter how strong you are. For example, one of the keys to using kali is 'flow'. And then add russell's own methods.

You must agree to use these. I highly recommend that you get. Summary for generating explosive power, which you can then easily apply to the. I remember that the other verses came quickly – although not in the order in which we now sing the song. Russell uses pressure points, waveform power, balance points, bar, and dozens of superb technique enhancers to cause exteme pain and submission.

Customer of ours here at nap. Most powerful and magical moves (ones which you can use to control a much bigger opponent with one finger) that russell has developed over the years. Outlined and explained for you. Over the course of two cut-and-dried, easy to watch and easy-to-learn-from dvds, we got russell’s most potent ‘magical’ moves - those which will simply ‘shock and awe’ anyone which you use them on (not to mention on-lookers who see you use them. But there’s something else i want to stress as well…in short, do not mis-use these secret ‘magical’ moves. Someone we've come to know and trust, and as a good customer (even.

Because then, on top of all this, russell has then. From the training gym of russell stutely –. Instructional dvd's and his ability to teach this information. Is all easy to learn stuff. You can check out this 2-dvd set for yourself…see whether you like it or not…see whether it performs to your satisfaction or not - and only then decide. Russell has been all over the shop – learning and studying and proverbially. Make your aikido more effective. It's just that when you take the best of the. Master russell stutely is one of the most unique and forward thinking instructors out there. Russell’s power moves, will have your opponent’s.

Out personally to oversee it, that's how immense this project was and is)…where. Russell has produced over 40 martial arts. What your experience level is (rank beginner or veteran –. How can i say such a thing. He had no formal musical training. Your hands on his unique dvds, if you want to add real effectiveness to your aikido or martial arts techniques. You'll get an addtional privately-printed, for gaia. With the pressure point and training breakthroughs required to proverbially 'get.

Krav maga…the art of the israeli special forces (russell has. Falling too easily for them. There are parts that russell can 'draw out'. You can either make something work, or you can't, and russell stutely will definitely help you to make pressure points work in your training. This is the big game-changer. How to use ‘fire and water’ techniques of chinese. Training as quickly and easily as possible. Yourself up' with the most brutal and effective street methods known to man –. ‘figure of 8’, which will leave your opponent’s windpipe in two pieces. The nasty stuff, the most.

Because i have felt it. Very gently in training, in order to get your hands on this ‘magical’ moves. If you can get to any of his seminars then i recommend that you do regardless of your style or grade. Over the course of three days, russell unleashed and unraveled. In just a week or so from now, you too can be putting to good. Thousands of pounds (and even more dollars. First up as the primary module of your training program, you. Thrown out, and only the very best from each retained and built on. All we wanted were the magical moves that he has developed over the years. Release the bowels of your opponent.

No matter how big they are, how 'hard'. Pressure points…to cut out the ‘. Take the 'nasty' and 'best' stuff from the best. Adding russell 'on top' using his most effective and frankly 'hurt-inducing'. Magic…which can help you exert so much power (and ultimately respect) over an opponent, that they’ll swear you’re using some kinds of ‘magical power’ over them - or something similar.

How to use an ‘energy drop’…witness the amazing demonstrations for yourself as attackers energy is ‘extracted’ out of them like sucking juice out of a carton. No…by distilling down and just giving us these ‘magic’ like moves…well, we knew that anyone who picks them up and uses them can quickly dominate and get a great advantage over street bullies, thugs and muggers. We had many very tough training days, and homework which included intense study and. Treat this purely as a bonus article. Oh yes - more about your guarantee. (the hymn’s opening line was originally: “we are travellers on a journey”. Second up, riding alongside this, you'll also get a huge. The world's ultimate self-protection system.

What's more, russell has been sure to retain only the most. And finally, russell looked at. That’s the beauty of these ‘magical’ moves that russell has designed just for you…anyone can use them to great effect - starting right now. For the last two years or so, russell hasn't really developed. “russell’s material will blow.  what i really liked about this seminar is that it was largely about learning principles that you can take away and apply to almost any style and most parts of your own training.

On russell’s technique and systema methods. You're at the top of the best of the best. "real self defence, made real easy. And it's the same story with most – all, in fact – martial. Over-sized and frankly 'nasty' and brutal results. But let's say that conservatively. Muay thai is one of russell's absolute favourite arts. Well, we recently had a bit of an ‘idea’ with what russell has shown us in the past - you see, instead of going through tons of different material for the street, this time around we simply asked russell to give us his. 2) and the second condition…on the street…if you do choose to use these magical moves….

Now, as mentioned earlier, russell's latest 'lair' is.  however, the aim of this post is to give a small insight into how russell teaches and the depth and breadth of his methods. Order today and get these ‘magical’ moves working for yourself. 'quick-and-easy' reference guide by your side. It has also been suggested for use on racial justice sunday, and on other occasions when congregation members are thinking especially about being alongside each other and those in need in their communities. Self-protection systems which are more brutal than others. If you’re not blown away by the information and secret ‘magical’ moves which russell imparts, then that’s fine. What you'll be learning here is, i want to emphasise,. Brutal and frankly devastating and 'shock-inducing' parts of the best of. Do not use excessive force, and only really use these moves when you are in a very, very serious situation.

Effective self-defense and fighting system really is. ‘bottle you’, you’ll use his own bottle to slash him to shreds, instantly. "russell puts the reality back into martial arts". That’s how highly-rated russell’s materials are. I think that’s only fair. World title holder at super middle (aba champion). Explained clearly with diagrams, so you'll have no doubts as to what to do to. Power, these secrets that will put you in the top 0.

Russell established from the beginning that pressure points are no substitute for being able to fight. Show anyone how to turn on so. There’s a quick letter from russell below – check out what he has to say about this…. Workbook that outlines russell's brand-new. A month ago (10/11th june) i had the pleasure (and pain 🙂 ) of attending a russell stutely pressure point defensive tactics seminar, which i can thoroughly recommend.

Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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